A007 - SecureHub

The best way to have secure notes, contacts and messages!

About A007 - SecureHub

"A007 - SecureHub" - is the simplest way to keep private your important notes and contacts. Plus we have added for your convenience the possibility to import Whatsapp conversations to the app. All data is backed up on the secure cloude. There some passcode variatuion such as PIN, Dotlock or passcode. Touch ID is available as well. Nice and clean interface to read and to find all you need within your text information. Secure backup on encrypted cloud platform ensures 100% safety of your conversations. Don't be angry, the passcode of the app is fully recoverable. For that reason we need your email to restore the access.

All formats

A007 supports all media data, text, voice messages, locations, video clips, photos

Number of locks

Touch ID + 2 extra lock types (Pin, DotLock)

Cloud Backup

All your messages stored inside of the encrypted cloud. 100% secure.

Move or Merge

Drag and drop conversations to merge them into one thread

Restore passcode

Forgot you passcode? Not a problem, the access to the app is fully restorable.

User interface

Absolutely friendly UI with clear workflow

How Does Import From Whatsapp Work?


Download the app from the App Store

Go to Whatsapp messenger

Choose the conversation and export it

Choose A007

From the menu find the of A007 icon, if not, add the app from the list. Tap on export.


See you conversation within A007. Don't forget to delete from Whatsapp. Enjoy the privacy.

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